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Co-op Marketing

What is Abogados Fuerza? It is a group of attorneys who have teamed up with the goal of generating leads through different marketing strategies, which helps small firms to establish and expand their business in the legal market. Every firm advertises as one brand and promotes the types of cases they specialize in to a specific niche, in this case, the latino community.

Abogados Fuerza works as a lead generation for attorneys, it is a program in which lawyers join and the leads generated through different marketing campaigns are shared amongst all members. This strategy, called Co-op Marketing has helped small Law Firms grow and increase the number of cases they take every month, and it also represents a cost-effective technique to acquire a significant market share. We’ve had cases in which a small firm starts working with Abogados Fuerza and after it grows significantly our sister company Project West Media ends managing their brand and their marketing campaigns.

Every Law firm has a common goal: Bring justice to every client they represent. The attorneys who are part of Abogados Fuerza have decades of experience in a wide variety of legal services such as: workplace accidents, car accidents, loan modification, bankruptcy, pedestrian accident, slip and fall, or any other type of legal claim. Whenever a marketing is launched, it is designed to attract all possible leads that can file a specific claim, these campaigns are designed based on example cases the attorneys provide us in order to bring realism to every campaign.

Abogados Fuerza represents an alternative for small firms who want to grow and expand their business.

A large percent of the success of a campaign depends on knowing the target audience down to the smallest detail. Throughout the years, we have worked closely with the Latino community, not only by creating adverts with a specific objective or spreading knowledge about their current issues and struggles, but also by helping them find legal counsel. This has helped us establish ourselves as a trusted partner during difficult times.

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