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Do You Need Social Media?

Does a social media presence really affect the way a company is viewed? Nowadays it does, it builds trust in the company, you have to be constant and engaging in order to create a steady follower base. To increase this loyalty, this presence has to continue after the like or subscription, and also by including different audiences and making sure each one of them receives the appropriate attention.

Everyone is a Critic.

People spend most of their time on the web, they are more critical and aware than ever before. In order to succeed, a company has to stay on top of social media as this channel has become a more common way to interact with their followers and potential clients, the more posts and activity on a company’s social media profiles, the more user will subscribe or like the page or their posts, at Project West Media, we work with our clients to increase their presence not only in one social media, but on all platforms available.

We Are Bilingual.

We have had large success from the Latino community, with the majority of our marketing being bilingual, this has helped us to expand our market and we always encourage our clients to run bilingual campaigns as a marketing strategy, we have a company that revolves around bilingual remote staff, called Obsidian Staffing, hiring bilingual staff in order to provide customers with the help they require in a language they are comfortable speaking.

Retaining Customers.

One of the main goals here at Project West Media is to create a connection between our clients and their customers, to create a constant follow up with them, even after providing them with a product or service. Not only do we apply this in the marketing department, we follow up with our clients in Leadbreeze, our call center company, where we create a process in which the potential lead goes through in order to convert them into a client or consumer.

Community Management.

A valuable tool in order to stay in touch and keep interest, now more than ever this has become so important. It is our job to do this in the right way. From presence and interaction, to a continuous communication and inclusion of different communities into the range we want to cover.

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