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Your Audience

Advertise With Accuracy.

Not everyone looking at a billboard is interested in the service or product being represented, no matter how appealing the advertisement may be. With the tools available today we are able to focus our advertising to most potential customers. Using keywords or Interest groups is a basic way to target customers. Once you have enough data from customers or clients gained, lookalike audiences and retargeting are great ways to build your customer base. We always use DMA’s whenever possible when choosing locations to target.

Keywords & Interest Groups.

Choosing keywords might seem like an easy task, as it seems to be obvious what words to use based on the ad campaign. The combination of the right words is important. Keywords are used to attract leads that are searching for a specific topic. Sometimes it’s better to target leads via interest groups. If a lead has shown interest in a certain topic in the past, we will be able to use that interest group to advertise to that lead.

Retargeting & Lookalike Audiences.

A lookalike audience is a great tool to target leads that share interest and characteristics with a database of past customers, landing page visitors, newsletter subscribers, etc… You will find that a consumer of a certain company usually shares a lot in common with other potential customers. We have had great success in using lookalike audiences as a targeting strategy. Retargeting leads that didn’t progress to becoming prospects in past campaigns is always a good idea. People aren’t always interested the first time seeing an advertisement, but when shown the advert again can be the extra push needed to get them to engage.

Designated Market Areas.

Through the decades of legacy media the advertising industry developed a system to determine regions to market called DMA’s. Designated Market Areas are generally characterized dependent on metropolitan zones, with relevant surrounding areas being combined. When targeting a location DMA’s are a better choice than targeting cities or counties. In some cases, creating a radius around an area can be useful.

Strategies For Success

Having success running an ad campaign depends on multiple factors, targeting being one of the more important factors. The strategy used to attract the right audience depends on the scenario. Keywords and Interest groups are a great resource to create an initial database of leads. Lookalike audiences can extend your reach and increase the campaign’s lead generation. In our experience using DMA’s is the most effective way to target your audience’s location.

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