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Call Center / Answering Services

How can a call center benefit your company? It adds to a company’s value and simplifies the work process. Leadbreeze call center not only increases productivity but allows your company to build a relationship with potential clients or customers, focusing on managing the leads, with trained bilingual staff and an efficient system.

It is important to manage and organize leads. With Leadbreeze we want to make sure that every lead gets a complete profile being updated with the information needed, we focus on not letting any leads fall through the cracks, we achieve this by using a follow-up process that includes calls, emails and text messages to either get them directly transferred for a live call or to schedule a call-back, depending on your needs.

Running a successful campaign depends on the team of people working behind it. At Leadbreeze call center we make sure to hire professional individuals who have customer service experience. Once they are hired, we make sure that they are focused on guiding and assisting every client with their questions and also to prioritize either transferring or scheduling call backs or appointments. Since the latino community represents a large portion of our average market, we make sure to only hire bilingual staff, to help and assist spanish and english speakers.

The system a call center utilizes is a big part of its success, it has to be simple to use and has to provide all the details a client needs.

Our system is based on a Dashboard, where every user can access lead profiles, listen to call recordings and review every interaction between a client and the operator.  Performance reports to obtain daily reports on campaigns and operators.

A call center presents many advantages to a company, it simplifies tasks and lets a company handle and communicate with clients with ease. When it focuses on  every call and lead, understanding their needs by adapting to them. Efficiency is guaranteed with the help of software that manages your leads with proper follow-up. 

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